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The San Diego Ghost Hunters is an intimate team of paranormal investigators that assist historical landmark owners discover or confirm occupants and events that have passed from our mortal plane but today exist in spirit form. The team's Investigations combine intuitive tools and high technology, and evidence is researched utilizing genealogy searches, archaeologists and published historians.

sdGH Radio Interview
Haunted Voices
radio interview

Team founder, Maritza, discuss sdGH origins, evidence and investigations with Todd Bates.
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Ghost Adventures at the Whaley House: June 7th

Who ya gonna call..................Ghost Adventures!! After a call from producers, sdGh headed on down to the Whaley House. Team Founder, Maritza shared some of our Whaley evidence, EVP's and Pic on camera. We will certainly be looking forward to this episode. I hope the Whaley's showed them a great time! I wonder how Zak got along with Yankee Jim??? Perhaps Yankee Jim slipped a rope around his neck like he has done to several of our tour guests.....hmmmmm!! 2 Sneak Previews!!!

Whaley: San Diego Ghost Hunters

Whaley: Ghost Adventures

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July 2014 Whaley House Paranormal Investigation Tour
Whaley House Paranormal Investigation TourBack for the new year, join sdGH and the Whaley family late night tour Fri. 25th, in one of America's Most Haunted.
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July 2014 William Heath Davis Paranormal Investigation Tour
William Heath Davis House Paranormal Investigation TourJoin sdGH and the William Heath Davis late night tour on Sat 26th.

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Environmental conditions
Check environmental conditions that may effect spiritial activity and investigation equipment use.
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